Piece of Cebo Iberico Spanish ham (boneless) - Center piece

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The piece of boneless Iberian ham (cebo) is the best option to enjoy at home the best iberian pata negra ham with no bone nor fat. Easy to cut, easy to store.
The traditional production process and the curing for more than 24 months make an outstanding product among the Iberian hams.
Presented vacuum packed.

The center piece from the ham. The most valued part, the most juici and with less fat.

63,50 €

  • 900 gr

BreedIbérico 50%
HealingMore than 24 months
FeedingCebo: Based on natural feed and during the final fattening stage they eat acorns in the pastures.
ElaborationIbéricos: Traditional curing process provides a natural cellar aroma and a unique delicate taste.
Part of the pigHind leg
AspectThe product is sold boneless and vacuum packed. Sold per kilo, not as a whole ham.
Tasting noteSmooth tasty flavour with strong delicious aroma.
Healthrich in protein, B vitamins and oleic acid (good cholesterol producer). Very low in calories (95cal per 50g), a indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet, 100% healthy.
CuriositiesThe Iberian excellent quality of this ham comes from its traditional curing process controlled by the “Maestro jamonero”. His dedication and experience make a good Iberian pata negra ham into an extraordinary ham.
Price per kilo77,61€/kg
IngredientsIberian pork ham, salt, sugar, acidity regulator (E-331iii) and preservatives (E-250, E-252).
Nutritional valuesEnergy value: 334 Kcal Fat: 19.85 g Of which saturated: 10.87 g Carbohydrates: 0.3 g of which sugars: 0.2 g Proteins: 38.64 g Salt: 4.82 g
Allergens & coFree gluten. Free lactose.

The Iberian cebo ham is the hind leg of an Iberian pig. Traditional production process and curing period for more than 24 months, makes our ham a top quality one in its type. (Types of Spanish ham) This ham is so special because the Iberian breed of the pork and its drying process. Its flavour is strong and juicy with a fruit touch. We select the hams in...

202,97 €

The semi-sec cheese Villa Herencia with sheep's milk is a delicious  Manchego. This cheese has a yellow body, with a strong and tasty flavour. Its 4 months in maturation chambers is noteworthy. We recommend Villa Herencia cheese for preparing cheese tablets. It is also perfect for tapas and appetizers accompanied by a good red wine.Maturation 4...

34,40 €

Fine and soft aroma, very tasty. Limited production. Made from a blend of wines carefully selected. Traditional presentation. Macabeo, Xarel.lo, Parellada, Chardonnay   Aged for 30 months in cava (cellar) D.O. Cava  11,5%

9,55 €

The sliced Iberico Spanish ham tray is a delicious Spanish ham. Low pressure vacuum-packed tray. This way the ham is not squashed and can be opened and served directly on the table. You can store it for some days on the fridge. Beautiful presentation for a dinner with friends, a family reunion or a birthday party.

15,36 €

Iberian Bellota Spanish shoulder ham "Gran Reserva," is a special shoulder ham because of its 34months of curing time and its great size, from 5.5 kg. High performance shoulder ham. The result is spectacular marbelled iberico shoulder. Strong taste and intens flavour.Limited production.

201,68 €

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Once you confirmed your order, this will be prepared and sent via courier. Delivery times and shipping costs depend on the destination and weight. During the process you will receive detailed information about the status of your order.

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We select the ham at its optimum curing process when we receive your order. Then it is packaged for optimal preservation during transport: wrapped in gift paper breathable, a cotton cover, a decorative mesh, and a box-suitcase handle.

Look at all the details of the product presentation.

Information and curiosities about the Iberian ham, Iberian Bellota and Serrano. The types of hams there, its mode of preparation and the whole process until they are ready to be consumed. Discover the differences between a ham and shoulder ham, as well as its parts and its healthy qualities.

Discover all the information you need to know about ham.

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Regalo para unos Holandeses!
Esteban D. el día 01/29/2019La persona que recibio este regalo ha estado encantada!El jamon era perfecto!
Pernil ibèric
Marcos R. el día 01/14/2019Els dos troços que vaig comprar estaven molt tendres: gens content.
Prosciutto eccellente
Osvaldo G. el día 01/14/2019Sapore squisito, dolce, saporito. Facile da tagliare con apposito coltello. Spedizione celere.
Ein idealer Apéro Beilage
Richard M. el día 12/17/2018Siehe oben
Carolina B. el día 05/22/2018Molto buono
très satisfait
Silvana V. el día 01/13/2018on l'a offert en cadeau et le bénéficiaire c'est dit très satisfait.
Lindsey P. el día 01/09/2018Excellent and tasty ham. Best I have tasted
Tatyana S. el día 11/17/2017Great product!
Perfectamente troceado
Jorge B. el día 11/03/2017Lo pedí justo antes de recibir otro directamente de Huelva, mal troceado. En este caso, el deshuesado y troceado lo hacen perfecto para lonchearlo con cortafiambres casero.
Good size
Per H. el día 08/21/2017I bought 5 pieces of 600 grammes. Much more convenient than fewer bigger pieces.
Merci beaucoup
PAUL M. el día 04/24/2017Livraison rapide et de qualité ; pas encore goûté car cadeau
Anders M. el día 03/13/2017Great product! I will by that one again.
sehr gute qualität
Herward S. el día 11/30/2016Hallo Jamonarium , alles bestens , sehr gute qualität .grüße aus Tholey
Jambon Ibérique Cebo
Jean-marie F. el día 06/17/2016Génial, du gout, un pur bonheur. Très recommandable. Livraison rapide et de qualité. MERCI

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