What to do if my ham has mould?

Fecha: 20 nov, 2020 En: Category 1 Golpear: 14636
When we remove the vegetable paper and the cotton bag from a ham or shoulder and it has mould on the outside, don't panic. It is something normal and you can...

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How to sharp a ham knife?

Fecha: 18 ago, 2020 En: Category 1 Golpear: 4022
To slice a ham, you must have a good ham knife on hand that is sharpen and ready to make the cut easy. If you have never had the opportunity to sharp one,...

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Wine to go with Iberian Ham

Fecha: 09 mar, 2021 En: Category 1 Golpear: 6683
Ham is a product that we can enjoy without anything else. Its flavor is so authentic and pleasant satisfies it. It is perfectly combinable with the drink...

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Do you know Teruel Ham?

Fecha: 09 nov, 2020 En: Category 1 Golpear: 11515
Today we are going to talk about Teruel ham, known for being the best ham in the world from white pork. They have the certification of Denomination of...

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How many parts does a ham have?

Fecha: 01 feb, 2021 En: Category 1 Golpear: 14649
Have you ever gone to buy meat and not knowing exactly what they refer when they talk about a jarrete, pluma, falda or aguja? If the answer is yes, don’t...

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Is the cheese rind edible?

Fecha: 19 mar, 2019 En: Category 1 Golpear: 4726
Today we are going to tell you more about the rind of the cheese and our opinion about if it is edible or not.When cheeses are eaten, we may doubt if the...

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