Jamotec F2 stainless steel rotatory and dumper ham holder


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Jamotec F2 rotary stainless steel ham holder and has a functional, modern and avant-garde design. It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. It has a unique dumping and bloquing system that allows the ham to be positioned in multiple ways. Double rotating grip system "Jamotec". Includes bag for transport.

It has 4 non-slip neoprene legs, one of which can be adjusted in height to fix the ham holder in any surface. The shaft of the ham rests is formed by spikes and cams, adjustable by a simple turn to adapt it at the time to the cut the ham.

Dimensions: 52cm x 23cm. Height 15-45cm. Approximate dimensions for dumpling ham holder.

Weight: 10 kilos

881,82 €

Data sheet

Origin Spain
Manufacturer Jamotec S.L.
weight 10 kg
Height 15-45 cm
Long 52 cm
Wide 23 cm

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Ham holder Jamotec

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