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We recommend the spanish selection of cheeses for Spanish cheese lovers. This assortment is perfect for preparing cheese platters, tapas and snacks. Ideal with a good red wine.

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The Viriato’s Gran Reserva cured-dry cheese is made using raw sheep milk with a 18-months curing period. This is a manchego-type cheese per its characteristic flavour of dry cheese provided by the raw sheep milk and its long curing period. We advice consuming this cured-dry cheese Viriato Gran Reserva as appetizer or as starter, included in a high-quality...

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The cured smoked cheeseRoncal Ardiona is made with sheep raw milk from and smoked in the valley of Roncal in the Pyrenees of Navarra.Intense flavor and personality, ideal when combined with sweet flavors such as jam or quince. Approximative weight: 220 gr.

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The cheese Flor de Guadamur is made with pasteurized milk from cows, goats and sheep and comes from Toledo. Approximative weight per portion: 220 gr.

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The semi-dry cheese Villa Herencia with sheep's milk is a delicious Denomination of Origin Manchego. Maturation 4 months. Approximative portion weight: 250 gr.

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The Arcos cheese knife is the perfect knife to cut cheese wedges. Its design allows you to cut the cheese into thin sheets, its design avoids the sticking to the knife and the breakage of the cheese.  Cutting cheese is easier than ever with the Arcos Cheese Knife.

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The "Gran Pep" is a long-matured goat cheese, 10 months, different in flavor and texture from the old goat cheeses that are on the market. This impressive cheese is produced in pieces of 8 kg and has obtained Gold Medal in the last edition of the Lactium show, dedicated to artisan cheeses and milk products. Weight: 350gr

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Altejó cheese from Molí de Gers made with raw cow’s milk and cooked paste at 45ºC and natural rind. This cheese is pressed and its ageing lasts between 4 and 6 months. The taste in mouth is pleasant and sweet, with homogeneous eyes and well formed. The paste is slightly flexible and with an intense flavour of spring mushrooms. As a curiosity, its rind is...

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