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"Ham Types"  Pack. This value pack can taste different kinds of ham to find the differences in taste and texture. It also allows you to discover the difference between ham and shoulder.Composed of 5 bags of 100gr easy open: Iberian Bellota pata negra Spanish ham (sliced) Iberian pata negra Spanish ham (sliced) Serrano Gran Reserva spanish ham (sliced)...

37,55 €

This pack contains 4 sachets of iberian acorn cured-meat and iberian acorn shoulder ham so you can enjoy different bellota delicatessens. Iberian Bellota spanish shoulder ham Pata Negra (sliced) Bellota Iberian Chorizo (sliced) Bellota Iberian Salchichon (sliced) Bellota Iberian Lomo (sliced) Total weight 400 gr.

18,91 €
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