Iberico pork meat 

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This Iberian "solomillo" is extracted from the lumbar part of the pig, located between the lower ribs and the vertebral column. Lean and very tender meat with a very shiny and juicy appearance is extracted from this part of the Iberian pig. It is sent vacuum packed to preserve all its properties and freshness. Weight: approx 600g (2 pieces of 300g)...

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This Iberian pig pen is extracted from the end of the pork loin, at the back and very close to the dam. This piece is very tender and has a good percentage of infiltrated fat, which makes it increasingly valued among fresh Iberian pork meats. It is triangular in shape and small in size. It is shipped vacuum-packed and in cold for greater transport...

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The fresh Iberian loin "lomo" is the lean meat that is next to the spine and below the rib, separated from these and without the feather. Traditionally, the Iberian pork loin is intended for curing, but fresh and whole or filleted, it has a smooth texture, flavor and grain. The Iberian pork loin allows us to achieve exquisite dishes with simple recipes....

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This Iberian "secreto", or also known as "cruceta", is extracted from the inside of the loin that is closest to the shoulder. It has a good percentage of veining or fat infiltrated into the muscle mass. It is one of the tastiest and juiciest parts of the Iberian pig and has an exquisite juiciness and texture. It is sent Vacuum packed to preserve its...

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The Iberian pork "abanico" is the part of the pig that is extracted from the part that wraps the ribs on the outside. It is very rich in veining, which is perfect for barbecues or grills since it is very tasty and juicy. It is sent vacuum packed  to preserve all its properties and freshness. Weight: approx 200-300g Packaging: Vacuum packed and cold...

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This Fresh Iberian "presa" is extracted from the part of the head of the loin, located just above the pork shoulder. It is the part of the pig that has a greater marbling of intramuscular fat, which makes it more juicy and tasty. Piece of marble aspect, it is one of the most appreciated parts of the Iberian pig. It is sent vacuum-packed. Weight: approx...

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Buy fresh Iberian meat online. At jamonarium you can buy Iberian meat online with its best cuts: Iberian tenderloin, Iberian pen, Iberian loin, Iberian “secreto” crosshead, Iberian fan meat and Iberian prey. Iberian pork has a very high fat infiltration in the muscle mass, which makes it an extremely juicy and tender bite. Each kind of cut has its characteristics, the Iberian tenderloin, the Iberian “secreto” and the Iberian pen are among the most valued parts of the pig in restaurants and at home. Our entire selection of fresh iberian meat is shipped vacuum packed and transported in cold to better preserve its juiciness, texture and flavor.

Iberian meat is a treasure of Spanish gastronomy. See more about fresh Iberian meat here.