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The Red "Piquillo" Peppers of Marzo mark come whole in glass jar of 190 grs. They are sweet and ripe, very thin flesh and a natural, delicious taste. They are packaged roasted in a traditional way in a wood oven and peeled by hand. Our recommendations: an ideal ingredient to combine with fish or fill it with minced meat, ham, cheese, cod, hake and...

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The  Fried Small Beans, "mini baby" of La Rioja of Marzo brand in glass jar of 220 grs are unique in its kind. Carefully selected, they cannot be smaller, all of the same size. Due to the effect of oil in  which they are fried and preserved, have a very smooth texture and flavor with a degree of acidity. Recommendations: Reheating in its own oil is a good...

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26.8 €/kg

The White Asparagus (5-7) from la Rioja of Marzo (extra thick) are of high quality with soft and delicate flavor that characterizes this fruit. Canned in glass jar constitute a food with a high nutritional value that can be served in each season. A real treat at the table. Asparagus grown in La Rioja is harvested in the spring and processed immediately to...

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43.75 €/kg

The Agromar Peppers stuffed with Crab are one of the top rated dishes from the Asturian gastronomy. This product is made from selected piquillo peppers stuffed with crab from the Bay of Biscay, the elaboration process follows the traditional recipe using only fresh product in order to obtain always the best quality. We recommend: Enjoy the peppers stuffed...

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