Cornicabra monovarietal 

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The Olive oil virgin extra Reserva de Familia from Casas de Hualdo is an excellent blend elaborated with independent extractions from four varieties Cornicabra, Picual, Arbequina and Manzanilla. This olive oil is the most valued from Casas Hualdo, where it is considered a true treasure, containing the best features of each of the four varieties and a high...

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The extra virgin olive oil 100% Cornicabra variety from Casas de Hualdo is the only one with  protected designation of origin (PDO) “Montes de Toledo”. It's known for having a high quantity of natural antioxidants. We recommend the Single-variety extra virgin  olive oil Cornicabra for olive oil lovers because it’s strong taste and great character, being...

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Buy cornicabra extra virgin olive oil online. Extra virgin olive oil that is extracted from olives of cornicabra variety, mainly coming from the northwest of Ciudad Real and the southwest of Toledo. To know more about the oils "Montes de Toledo here.