Albacore tuna in olive oil Yurrita - 112gr


The Yurrita's albacore tuna in olive oil is such a delicious product. It is characteristic by its white color, smooth texture and its delicious touch of olive oil, making this product incomparable.

To do this canned product, the product is filled and once fried, the olive oil is added. This gives an exclusive flavour to this delicious product, perfect for every gourmet.

This product has been handicraft selected and canned so you can enjoy it as from the net to plate.

It contains high biological value proteins, as well as a high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, phosphorous and B and D vitamins.

We advice eating it in salads, patties, toasts, omelettes, pastas, rice or sandwiches.

Net weight: 112gr.

Grained weight: 81 gr.

3,45 €

HerstellerYurrita e Hijos S.A.
ZutatenBonito del Norte (Thunnus alalunga), Olivenöl, Salz
NährwerteEnergiewert (Kalorien) 742Kj / 177Kcal; 6,8 g gesättigte Fette 4,9 g; Kohlenhydrate 1,1 g Zucker weniger als 0,3 g; 27,9 g Proteine; Salz 1g

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