Portion Rosemary cured cheese Tomelloso, sheep and goat


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Rosemary cured cheese Tomelloso is produced with sheep and goat milk, and spiced in the rind with rosemary. This special touch adds a fresh aroma to the intense flavour of the cured cheese Tomelloso. It is an exceptional cheese among its type, recommended by the best cheese specialists in Spain.

This cheese have received different recognitions, among which is important to emphasize 1st prize for cheese quality in the National fair of Manzanares and the 3rd prize for the best cheese in Spain in the Gourmet fair of Madrid. 

We recommend this rosemary cured cheese Tomelloso to elaborate a high-quality cheese gourmet board with a young fruity wine. It is also perfect to serve in desserts with herb liqueur.

Origin: Tomelloso, Ciudad Real
Aproximative weight: 300 gr.
Healing: 7-9 months
Milk: Sheep (80%) and goat (20%) pasteurized

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I like this cheese!
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