Albacore tuna in olive oil Frinsa 200 gr


This albacore tune in olive oil Frinsa 200 gr. come from Galician stuary, which guarantees unique flavour and high-quality level. Its white coulour, soft texture and its delicious touch of olive oil makes it unique.

We advice serving it in in salads, sándwiches, pies or toasts with scrubbed tomato and white cheese.

Net weight: 200 gr.

Drained weight: 150 gr.

3,55 €

HerstellerFrinsa del Noroeste S.A.
ZutatenBonito del Norte, Olivenöl und Salz
NährwerteEnergiewert (Kalorien) 653Kj / 156Kcal; 6,9 g gesättigte Fette 0,9 g; 0g Kohlenhydrate 0g Zucker; Ballaststoffe 0g; Proteine 23,4 g; Salz 1,5 g

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