Ramón Peña natural cockles 25/30 "Black Label"


Natural cockles 25/30 units Ramón Peña "Etiqueta Negra" is collected in Galician Rías in order to guarantee its high quality and excellent flavour. Seafood from Rías Baixas is very valued thanks to its delicate texture and exquisite flavour. The "Black label" from Ramón Peña is the gourmet range of maximum quality.

We advice serving it with a spread of lemon at room temperature. Those are among the most appreciate seafood, a present for gourmets. It is adviceable to marinate with Rias Baixas white wine.

Ingredients: Cockles, water, salt

Net Weight: 113gr

Drained Weight: 68gr

17,15 €

166.99 €/kg


Herkunft Galicia (Spanien)
Preis pro Kilo 166.99 €/kg
Peso neto 113 gr.
Hersteller Ramón Peña
Gewicht abgelassen 68 gr.
Formatieren 113 gr Metalldose.

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