Little sardines in olive oil Frinsa 120 gr.


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Those Little sardines in olive oil Frinsa came from Galician estuary, which guarantees a high quality product with strong flavour. Those little sardines are hand-selected, cleaned and beheaded to keep its whole aroma. Afterwards, they are steamed roasted, getting a unique product.

We advice eat them with a toast, accompanied by scrubed tomato, white cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

Net weight: 120 gr.

Grained weight: 90gr.

2,64 €

HerstellerFrinsa del Noroeste S.A.
ZutatenSardinen, Olivenöl und Salz
NährwerteEnergiewert (Kalorien) 886Kj / 208Kcal; Fette 13,2 g gesättigt 2,6 g; 0g Kohlenhydrate 0g Zucker; 22,2 g Proteine; Salz 1,5 g

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