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The Iberian Bellota shoulder ham from Salamanca is a high quality shoulder with a 2 year curing time. These shoulder hams are cured in the area of Guijuelo, Salamanca, where the characteristic climate makes hams of mild flavor, slightly sweet and fruity aromas. Their meat has colours from deep red color to pinkish. Fat is transparent white, with creamy texture and intense flavour.
This shoulder  has a good fat infiltration in meat, it's well marbled. It's a spectacular Bellota shoulder!

Origin: Salamanca (Guijuelo area)
Curing time: 2 years
Breed: Acorns and grass, in the fields

Iberico Bellota spanish shoulder ham from Salamanca


paleta iberica bellota pata negra de extremadurapaleta iberica bellota pata negra pieza entera


Origin : zona de Guijuelo, Salamanca

Breed: Iberian

Curing: 24 months.

Diet : Fed with acorns. Top quality shoulder ham certified.

Production: The traditional curing process provides a natural cellar aroma and a unique delicate taste.

Part of the pig:Bellota Iberian pig foreleg.

External appearancer: Slim appearance, narrow “caña” (part of the bone closest to the hoof) and black hoof.

Taste: Intense flavour and incredible aroma with small pink fat layers which helps appreciate better the fabulous texture of this masterpiece.

Health : rich in protein, B vitamins and oleic acid (good cholesterol producer). Very low in calories (95cal per 50g), an indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet, 100% healthy.

Curiosities: The texture of the fat is homogeneous and creamy. If we take a small amount of fat between two fingers and rubbed it melts easily.

Practical information: Iberico Bellota spanish shoulder ham from Salamanca

Once you confirmed your order, this will be prepared and sent via courier. Delivery times and shipping costs depend on the destination and weight. During the process you will receive detailed information about the status of your order.

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We select the ham at its optimum curing process when we receive your order. Then it is packaged for optimal preservation during transport: wrapped in gift paper breathable, a cotton cover, a decorative mesh, and a box-suitcase handle.

Look at all the details of the product presentation.

Information and curiosities about the Iberian ham, Iberian Bellota and Serrano. The types of hams there, its mode of preparation and the whole process until they are ready to be consumed. Discover the differences between a ham and shoulder ham, as well as its parts and its healthy qualities.

Discover all the information you need to know about ham.

By (Kaiseraugst, Switzerland) on 02 Dec. 2016 (Iberian Bellota shoulder ham from Salamanca (whole)) :

Sehr guter Vorderschinken aus Salamanca

Dieser Vorderschinken war sehr ausgewogen und hat uns sehr gut geschmeckt. Für meinen persöhnlichen Geschmack ziehe ich diesen Schinken dem von Exremadura vor. Aber Geschmäcker sind bekantlich verschieden. Dieser Schinken ist im Moment mein Favorit und unbedingt weiter zu empfehlen.

By (Bützberg, Switzerland) on 24 Nov. 2016 (Iberian Bellota shoulder ham from Salamanca (whole)) :


Riquisimo. Mucha Carne y poca grasa, como a mi gusta.

By (ELANCOURT, France (mainland)) on 22 June 2015 (Iberian Bellota shoulder ham from Salamanca (whole)) :

produit trés bon

livraison rapide! et produit trés bon. respect des engagements ok!

By (Pont En Royans, France (mainland)) on 22 June 2015 (Iberian Bellota shoulder ham from Salamanca (whole)) :

Recomendable al cien por cien

Segundo pedido que realizo: productos de super calidad; rapidez en la entrega y simpatía en el trato al cliente. Descubrí la tienda de casualidad y hemos probado ya las paletillas de bellota de Extremadura y Salamanca, el chorizo de bellota, los quesos de leche cruda y el aceite La Chinata. Recomendable al cien por cien, excelente relación calidad/precio. Repetiremos

By (Dublin, Ireland) on 24 March 2015 (Iberian Bellota shoulder ham from Salamanca (whole)) :

First class service and products

Hi, I posted my delight on your facebook page on the 28th Dec using Lorraine Cavanagh' Facebook page. If you read it you will see haw pleased I was with everything - just brilliant. I would and have recommend you to all. As to my next purchase - I dont know yet but there will be another. Thank you for your first class service and products.

By (Swords. Co. Dublin (ireland), Ireland) on 24 March 2015 (Iberian Bellota shoulder ham from Salamanca (whole)) :

La paletilla está buenísima

El pedido llegó a Irlanda en menos de una paletilla está buenísima ( éso me han dicho, ya que era un regalo...)y la cecina...con un poquito de aceite de oliva por encima no se la salta un tampoco un payo...sin duda, haré otro pedido...pero será a base de quesos y unas buenas botellitas de vino de la Ribera.....mmmmm......

By (Rijeka, Croatia) on 07 March 2015 (Iberian Bellota shoulder ham from Salamanca (whole)) :

top class shoulder

Caracteristics of this shoulder is exactly as is described. One of the bes tyou can find on the market

Ham holder recommended for domestic use and casual. Ideal for small spaces. Rectangular base and wooden arm. The dowels black paint finish with nontoxic products. Made of pine wood Gallego premium high strength.

Size and weight:  Height: 23 cm. Length: 40 cm. Width: 17cm. Weight: 1.5 Kg. It is delivered disassembled.

See all the ham holders

 Vídeo about how to built the ham holder mod. Portugal:


By (NAXXAR, Malta) on 05 Sept. 2016 (Domestic ham holder) :


Los productos fueron enviados de forma magistral y mucho mejor de lo que imaginaba.

By (OAKHAM, Rutland, United Kingdom) on 27 Jan. 2016 (Domestic ham holder) :

Fabulous ham and the ham holder

Thank you for the fabulous ham and the ham holder. The ham was delicious and the holder made all the difference to the present.

By (Londres, United Kingdom) on 07 Oct. 2014 (Domestic ham holder) :

Muy buen servicio de entrega internacional a muy buen precio

La variedad que hay en la tienda es muy buena y está bien explicado cada producto.
Muy bueno. Muy buen servicio de entrega internacional a muy buen precio. Lo pienso recomendar.

By (London, United Kingdom) on 16 Jan. 2014 (Domestic ham holder) :

I was very pleased with the products

I was very pleased with the products I bought and would certainly recommend Jamonarium! Regards,Mark

By (Mölndal, Sweden) on 09 Jan. 2014 (Domestic ham holder) :

The products fit expectations perfectly.

The products fit expectations perfectly. Service was perfect, I would recommend you gladly.

By (Edam, Netherlands) on 20 Nov. 2013 (Domestic ham holder) :

fit expectations perfectly

The products fit expectations perfectly. Service was perfect, I would recommend you gladly.

By (Odense C., Denmark) on 05 Feb. 2013 (Domestic ham holder) :

Muy práctico

Compré este jamonero con una paleta de Bellota y me ha ido de maravilla, no pesa mucho y eso me va bien porque lo tengo que mover cada vez que corto jamón. Cuando se me acabó la paleta lo he desmontado y metido en la caja, así no molesta y hasta la próxima paletilla. Me aconsejaron muy bien por teléfono, muchas gracias.

Slicing knife "rustic". An ideal knife for cutting the ham, long and flexible to get very thin and long slices. It glides over the ham.

Wooden handle.

You must be sharpened often to maintain a precise and easy.

How to cut Spanish ham:

6 videos for with lots of information about the art of slicing ham.

By (Viena, Austria) on 15 Nov. 2013 (Ham slicing knife (mod. rustic)) :

Os recomendaría, y espero poder continuar comprando de nuevo

Agradezco que durante todo el proceso haya tenido la información necesaria sobre el seguimiento del producto. Soy muy selectiva cuando compro on-line, sólo lo hago si es la mejor alternativa o la única, y por supuesto, si económicamente me compensa. No conocía previamente Jamonarium, después de varias búsquedas en internet, me decidí por vuestra empresa y estoy, bueno, estamos todos muy contentos. Por supuesto que os recomendaría, y espero poder continuar comprando de nuevo.

By (Madrid, Spain) on 05 Feb. 2013 (Ham slicing knife (mod. rustic)) :

Great present, shipping was fast and communication was excellent

We ordered the ham with holder and knife and wine as a present for my parents birthdays. As I live in a different country, I was only on the phone with them, but the whole family stood around the box very excited. We found it makes a great present, shipping was fast and communication was excellent.

The Chorizo from León made with smoked cured pork meat. It’s dark red colour and it has a characteristic strong and spicy aroma.
Its intense flavour and strong texture is typically from the Castilian countryside, with spicy touch for strong taste lovers.
It comes in a piece around 500gr vacuum packed so that you get its full intact aroma and enjoy it at home.

Presentation in a horseshoe, with attached ends and connected by a wire so that they can hang on the poles where the smoking process is done.

Ingredients: ham, shoulder, sirloin and bacon fatty pork, paprika, salt and natural spices (garlic and oregano).
No preservatives or colorings, lightly smoked with oak wood.
vacuum packed
500g. approx.

Chorizo from León (spicy)


Chorizo from leon spicy hotChorizo from leon hot spicy


Origin : León, Spain

Breed: White Pork

Preparation: The Leon’s Chorizo is made with fresh pork, bacon, red natural pepper and spices. Smoked and cured with the traditional process, so that we have a typical product of Castilla.

Taste: Intense flavour, spicy, very tasty and the characteristic smoking touch.

Curiosities: The taste of this product is strong. You can eat it sliced with bread or fried with olive oil, for cooking lentils or other Castilian dishes. The Spicy touch is very appropriate for strong taste lovers.

Presentation - Products in pieces and boneless products

Your product will be cut in pieces just when your order arrives. Then the product will be vacuum-packed to retain the original quality, aroma and flavour.

Presentacion, envasado al vacio embutido chorizo leon

Vacuum packaging process:

  • he product is vacuum-packed in transparent plastic bags, just before it’s sent.
  • This process protects the product and retains all its quality of taste and freshness.

Shipping package:

  • Box with a handle for easy and secure transportation.
  • A strap around the box ensures its safe transportation.

We recommend you to take the product out of the plastic bag 15 minutes before eating it. The vacuum-packed products we sell can be stored in the fridge for a long time. Please check the expiry date of every product.


Shipping information

shipping information jamonarium

Once you have confirmed your order, it will be prepared and sent via courier. Delivery date and shipping costs depend on destination and weight.

During the process you will receive detailed information by e-mail about the status of your order.

Please see more information about shipping:

All items are insured during the delivery. This means that any damage or loss of product is covered.

By (Algemesi, Spain) on 28 Sept. 2016 (Chorizo from León (spicy)) :


Muy bueno

By (Vanves, France (mainland)) on 16 June 2016 (Chorizo from León (spicy)) :

With red wine!

I take this product for cooking or for the aperitif with red wine.
As per the ham, few of them every 6 months :) Great success with friends

By (Brunstatt, France (mainland)) on 07 Dec. 2015 (Chorizo from León (spicy)) :

Sont très bon

Vos produits sont très bon et notamment les chorizos et jambon en tranche (36 mois).

By (Saint PRIM, France (mainland)) on 22 June 2015 (Chorizo from León (spicy)) :

Le Chorizo : Top top 20/20

Bonjour , Le Chorizo : Top top 20/20. Le Saucisson : un peu trop gras et des morceaux de nerfs trop nombreux. 10/20. Caviar d'oursin extra!! : 21/20. Bonne journée . PS : Livraison et emballage parfaits ainsi que les délais.

By (Torreglia ( Padova), Italy (peninsula)) on 12 Jan. 2015 (Chorizo from León (spicy)) :

Buena calidad y servicio

Hemos probado los productos , buena calidad y servicio , volveremos a comprar ! ,
gracias , un saludo cordial.

By (Huttenheim, France (mainland)) on 17 Jan. 2014 (Chorizo from León (spicy)) :

très satisfait

Nous sommes très satisfait bonne opinion
Et je recommanderais aux amis et connaissance

By (Aberdeen, United Kingdom) on 18 Nov. 2013 (Chorizo from León (spicy)) :

I will definitely be back to order more

I visited your shop when in Barcelona in May on holiday - such a great place and you are clearly the experts. Very pleased with my first order - great food, fast delivery and good value! I will definitely be back to order more . Thank you
Best regards

By (Le plessis robinson, France (mainland)) on 13 Feb. 2013 (Chorizo from León (spicy)) :

très bons produits, très bonne qualité

très bons produits, très bonne qualité. En esperant que la qualité reste identique. Très satisfaisante. Nous en parlons autour de nous et nous commanderons prochainement et régulièrement pour nous et nos amis.

Elegant and velvety. Color clean and bright cherry. Cheerful and fresh fruitiness, with a refreshing acidity. A great young wine from the Ribera.

1.jpg Tempranillo 100%

1.jpg   Selected harvest. For five months the wine rests in French oak barrels.

1.jpg D.O. Ribera del Duero

1.jpg  13,5%

1.jpg  Peñín Guide: 90 / Parker List: 89

1.jpg Designed tapas and fusion cook.

A soft, elegant and bold wine with body and power.

1.jpg Tempranillo 100%

1.jpg   Natural stabilization for 18 months in American oak barrels

1.jpg D.O.Ca. Rioja

1.jpg Meat, Fish and seafood, Poultry, Rice and pasta, Stews, Saldas and vegetables.

By (LEOJAC, France (mainland)) on 18 May 2015 (Monte Real, Crianza D.O.Ca. Rioja) :

TRès bon rapport qualité-prix

Excellent vin au très bon rapport qualité-prix. Un Rioja de caractère, très fin, et qui en régalera plus d'un.

By (Aalborg, Denmark) on 08 Apr. 2014 (Monte Real, Crianza D.O.Ca. Rioja) :

El pedido ha superado con creces mis expectativas, que eran muy

Muchísimas gracias por todo! El pedido ha superado con creces mis
expectativas, que eran muy altas por cierto Estoy encantada.
Mi opinión sobre Jamonarium no puede ser más positiva. Tanto por la
calidad de los productos como por la eficacia y rapidez con que los
envían. Y con excelentes precios, incluidos los gastos de envío, que
por mi experiencia a Dinamarca suelen ser casi siempre astronómicos y
te acaban echando para atrás. Y eso cuando envían a Dinamarca... Ya
estoy deseando hacer un segundo pedido.

Very high intensity. Stylish, tasty and with notes of oak.

1.jpg Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah

1.jpg  Aged for 12 months in American oak barrels and 24 months in bottle

1.jpg  2011

1.jpg D.O. Somontano

1.jpg  14%

1.jpg Peñin: 89

1.jpg Roasted red meats, Game animals, Game birds, Roasted lamb, Cold meat, Stews, Iberian bellota ham, vegetables, hard cheeses.

Sers Reserva 2009, D.O. Somontano

Sers Wine Reserva Somontano is a unique and elegant wine. With a limited production of 2648 bottles is one of the stars of the wineries Sers. Grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah. After being 12 months in American oak barrels rests for 24 months in the bottle.


Sers Wineries, Somontano D.O.

Family wineries located in the pre-Pyrenees in Aragon in the Somontano area. Sers is the north wind, cold and dry that affects the vineyards making them strong and durable.

On their farms of 12 hectares is cultivated grape variety native Parraleta as well as Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet.

The traditional cultivation and harvesting of limited number of bottles of each wine, make these wineries a charming and worth visiting place.


Transportation of wine and champagne bottles


The shipping of bottles of wine and cava is completely secure with packaging witch adequate transportation to the product. It is also fully insured.

Bottles are sent in cardboard boxes with rigid inner wrap for each bottle separately.

This package is approved by our courier company so that its contents will be carefully shipped and insured in case of any damage.