"Cut ham" professional pack Arcos

We propose you the kit "Cut ham" professional pack Arcos.

The kit consists
 of one Arcos ham slicing knife Nitrum Serie Saeta 250mm, one Arcos ham peeling knife Serie Universal 170mm to peel the ham A Arcos Knife sharpener and stainless steel tweezersAll these products can be perfectly stored in the bag for 4 knives Arcos.

Arcos bag will store your knives and make a easy transportation.

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Pack content

Stainless steel tweezers Arcos for sliced ham and sausages.

These stainless steel tweezers Arcos serve to serve the sausage and sliced ham. In the cutting process used to distribute the ham sliced ham on the plate as desired.

They can be washed in the dishwasher.

By (Zagreb, Croatia) on 16 July 2014 (Stainless steel tweezers Arcos for sliced ham and sausages) :

I am really satisfied with product

Dear Sir, Following the question I hve to say thar I am really satisfied with product an with professionalism handling delivery as well. I can only recomend your company. Sincerely,

By (Pontevedra, Spain) on 15 Nov. 2013 (Stainless steel tweezers Arcos for sliced ham and sausages) :

Encantado con la compra

Muy buenos productos,encantado con la compra. Tengo una opinión satisfactoria de Jamonarium. Sí os recomendaría.

Arcos bag holder for 4 knives

Bag to transport 4 knives safely to avoid cuts and to avoid damaging the knife blades.

Space for 4 knives and additional material.

Carrying handle.

Arcos knife Nitrum Serie Unirversal 130mm.

Exclusive stainless steel high-performance and durability NITRUM ®.

Handle designed for daily use without losing the design, dominated by straight lines with large formal and color contrasts.

Stainless Steel Rivets tongued, high strength.

By (La Chapelle de Guinchay, France (mainland)) on 30 Nov. 2016 (Arcos knife Nitrum Serie Unirversal 130mm) :


Simplement je pensais que 130 mm était la dimension du couteau , pas de la lame ..

The Arcos  Slicing Knife natura is an excellent knife for ham lovers, it is a suitable knife to cut all kinds of hams and shoulders. The design of this slicing knife makes it elegant, suitable and comfortable.

The handle is made of rosewood, furthermore it also has a long and flexible blade made of Stainless Steel NITRUM, perfect for getting thin and long slices.

The manual knife sharpener is an essential tool to keep your knifes in a good shape. Keeping knives sharp is essential for the safe handling of them. A sharp knife is safer because it cuts effortlessly and precisely.
This sharpener has a ergonomic design with a soft grip for better handing.
It has two slots, the coarse sharpener has a tungsten carbide blade with a harness of 90 HRC set an angle of 36 degrees. The fine sharpener is made of ceramic with a harness of 88HRC and an angle of 40 degrees.