Olasagasti albacore tuna (little pieces) with olive oil  View larger

Olasagasti albacore tuna (little pieces) with olive oil

The Olasagasti albacore Tuna (little pieces) with olive oil is caught by Olasagasti sailors in the rough waters of the Bay of Biscay with traditional arts and without damaging the precious meat or other species.
Its light pink color, mild flavor, a tender and firm consistency make this product a gourmet delicious dish.

We recommend it with a green salad of lettuce hearts or just inside a sandwich with sliced of tomatoes.

Format: Glass jar.
Net weight: 315 g.
Drained weight: 210 g.
Store at room temperature.
Processed by hand from freshly caught fish, in olive oil.

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2

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The white tuna

The Cantabrico  white tuna is the most prized of all tuna. Its excellent flavor, particularly light pink color and a lower content of fatty substances in their flesh tender, make the tuna in a single food.
It is caught during its passage through our coast, the Bay of Biscay, in the period June to November. The immediate processing by the fresh and canning expert staff on hand held and exalt their organoleptic characteristics.

The Bay of Biscay

The Bay of Biscay is an open sea and brave, rich food, a place where many species: the delicate beauty of the north, the Spook or bluefin tuna, or mackerel mackarel north (starling) and the famous Bay of Biscay anchovy (so different from
the Mediterranean).

Tuna fishing

Between June and September, in time, the Cantabrian Sea receives the migration of albacore and the Spook who come to our waters to reproduce. This is therefore where recovered after migration forces, feed and regain their top form. Bonito fishing is done with traditional arts of Eve are caught near the coast, anchovy, horse mackerel and other small to be used in live bait fishing for tuna.
Once you locate the bank begins to take the bait while sea water the powerful hose to recreate the effect of a bank succulent anchovies.
The Nice, excited by big show, begins to bite everything in including the hooks of the bamboo that the fishermen throw noise immediately to sea.
The beautiful is hoisted on deck with fresh and whole meat intact, without a scratch.
Fishing is not massive and highly selective, capturing only the required species without unnecessarily damaging the marine environment or other species (dolphins). The optimal size of these fish are 10 to 13 kg., But can weigh up to 25 kg. The fresh fish is unloaded at the ports of Ondarroa, Lekeitio and Guetaria Dentici where buyers select the best items and send them directly to the factory where it is prepared fresh by our experienced staff with a fully manual and artisan, and exalt the organoleptic of fish.


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