Olasagasti Atlantic "Ventresca" albacore tuna fillets in olive oil

The Olasagasti "ventresca" albacore tuna in olive oil is the most delicious part of the albacore of the Cantabrian Sea. The "ventresca" is the triangular part of the belly's fish near the head. This area is pretty fine and fleshy texture. For its extremely delicate and intense flavor is considered a delicacy. It is packaged hand-made on the traditional way.

It is a very healthy part of the fish. It contains proteins of high biological value and a large supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids, phosphorus, vitamins B and D.

We recommend eating with anchovies on top as a "tapa" or accompanied with piquillo peppers.

Format: Easy-open can.
Net weight: 120 g.
Drained weight: 85 g.
Store at room temperature.

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