Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Manzanilla variety, Casas de Hualdo (500ml)

The extra virgin olive oil 100% Manzanilla variety from Casas de Hualdo has a characteristic fruity and intense aroma, which gives it its own character.  It is known for its fruitiness and for having a high quantity of natural antioxidants.

We recommend the Single-variety extra virgin  olive oil Manzanilla for olive oil lovers because it’s fruity taste and great character, being slightly bitter and spicy.

Tasting notes: The smell reminds us a multitude of aromas of green leafs and apples, it also has a equilibrated bitterness and spiciness which gives it a strong character remaining stable over time.

Origin: Casas de Hualdo, Toledo, Castilla la Mancha (Spain)
Variety: 100% Manzanilla Single-variety (Monovarietal)
Capacity: 500ml
Packaging: dark glass which limits light contact for optimal conservation.

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Extra virgin olive oil 100% Manzanilla from Casas de Hualdo Awards: 


Expert tasters describe the 100% Manzanilla extra virgin olive oil from Casas Hualdo as a high quality extra virgin olive oil with a great character thanks to his fruity and stable taste with bitter and spicy notes.

In recent years it has been awarded with the following prizes:

  • 2014 Feinschmecker ( Germany)Premios del aceite de oliva virgen extra Manzanilla de Casas de Hualdo


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Casas de Hualdo history:

Casas Hualdo olive tree cultivation Virgin Extra Olive oilThe history of Casas de Hualdo dates back to 1986, when the founder of Casas de Hualdo called Francisco Riberas started its career in the world of agriculture by acquiring a property called “FincaLa Ventilla”  in a region known as El Carpio del Tajo (province of Toledo).   

Francisco Riberas applied quickly his own philosophy of work, extending and expanding the boundaries of the property, making it a large farm with various activities.

In 1996 the owner decides to make an ambitious transformation of the property by planting more than 300,000 olive trees, beginning thus in the world of olive oil production. 

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Thanks to the climatic, geographic and agronomic characteristics of El Carpio del Tajo it is possible to obtain a generous production with unbeatable quality features.

The intensive care given to this olive trees alongside with the modern farming techniques allow us to obtain a high quality olive oil. Casas Hualdo always prioritize quality over quantity in order to

obtain always the best possible result.

As result of the hard work of many years we obtain high quality extra virgin olive oil, Casas de Hualdo olive oil production pretends to be a tribute from Hualdos family and colleagues to the founder of Casas de Hualdo Francisco Riberas, who sadly never saw the the culmination of his project.


Casas de Hualdo olive tree cultivation

Olive oil Extra virgin optimal conditions for harvesting

The olive tree cultivation of Casas  de Hualdo is located in the region called “El Carpio del Tajo” (province of Toledo) more specifically in the Tajo river Basin. This area is unique thanks to its geographical setting, theTajo river models a stepped landscape ranging from 400 to 600 meters of altitude.The Region of the Tajo river basin has a undulating topography alternating lowlands with small mountains .

The climatic conditions in this region can be considered extreme, with cold winters and hot and dry summers which favors the natural control of pests and diseases.

With the arrival of autumn temperatures drop notably although without frosting, the low temperatures ensure optimal conditions for harvesting the olives.

Olive tree cultivation superior quality extra virgin

As soon as the olives harvesting is done, all the olives are transported directly to the mill, where they are processed as rapidly as possible in order to avoid any deterioration of the fruit.
Extra virgin olive oil is always obtained from olives at its optimal ripeness and following exclusively mechanical processes in conditions that do not lead to any sort of alteration of the olive oil.

Casas de Hualdo olive tree cultivation is located in a region that has a long history with olive trees cultivation, proof of it are many Mazarabic documents relating this land to olive tree cultivation.

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Ronald M. on 09/27/2017 Very good olive oil...will order again..
rating Les huiles de Espagne sont extra !
Francisco javier F. on 09/11/2017 Personnellement je préfère plus amère mais elle est très bien.
rating Amazing olive oil
Jeff W. on 05/22/2015 Great olive oil, one of the best I've ever taste. Grande aroma y sabor.

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