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Bellota 100% pure Ibérico Ham DO Guijuelo (Salamanca) - Pata Negra

The 100% pure ibérico Bellota ham DO Guijuelo (Salamanca) pata negra is a ham of the highest quality with 3-years curing time. These hams are cured in the area of Guijuelo (Salamanca) where the characteristic climate makes hams of mild flavour, slightly sweet and fruity aromas. Their meat colour is deep red. Fat is transparent white, with creamy texture and intense flavour.

This ham is a high performance one because its proportion of ham relative to the bone and fat is very good. The "caña" (shinbone) is thin and there is a good fat infiltration in meat it's marbled. It's a spectacular Bellota ham!

Origin: D.O. Guijuelo (Salamanca)
Curing time: 3 years
Breed: Acorns and pastures

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jamon iberico bellota pata negra de extremadurajamon iberico bellota pata negra pieza entera


Origin : DO Guijuelo (Salamanca)

Breed: Ibérico 100% puro Pata negra

Curing: + 36 months.

Diet : Fed with acorns and pastures. Top quality ham certified.

Production: The traditional curing process provides a natural cellar aroma and a unique delicate taste.

Part of the pig: Hind leg.

External appearance: Slim appearance, narrow “caña” (shinbone) and black hoof, reason why it is known as pata negra.

Taste: Intense flavour and incredible aroma with small pink fat layers which helps appreciate better the fabulous texture of this masterpiece.

Health : rich in protein, B vitamins and oleic acid (good cholesterol producer). Very low in calories (95cal per 50g), an indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet, 100% healthy.

Curiosities: The texture of the fat is homogeneous and creamy. If we take a small amount of fat between two fingers and rubbed it melts easily.

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We select the ham at its optimum curing process when we receive your order. Then it is packaged for optimal preservation during transport: wrapped in gift paper breathable, a cotton cover, a decorative mesh, and a box-suitcase handle.

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Information and curiosities about the Iberian ham, Iberian Bellota and Serrano. The types of hams there, its mode of preparation and the whole process until they are ready to be consumed. Discover the differences between a ham and shoulder ham, as well as its parts and its healthy qualities.

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rating Peter Schwabe
Peter s. on 08/22/2017 Estamos disfrutiendo de un jamon iberico de la mas alta calidad. Carne muy tierna, acompanada de una cantidad adecuada de grasa que anade al sabor ... Un autentico lujo. Para aficionados.
rating Absolument merveilleux
Anne-Fleur B. on 08/22/2017 Le jambon a fait le bonheur de toute la famille. Un vrai délice. A chaque repas ou presque, il a fait l'unanimité. Un jambon d'une qualité que je n'avais jamais trouvée auparavant. Absolument merveilleux. Je recommande sans hésitation.
rating EXCELLENT ! 5/5
Yannick L. on 12/17/2016 Jambon à maturité , souple et fondant en bouche , rapport qualité prix parfait
rating I received the jamon, it's superb!
Marko K. on 12/22/2014 I received the jamon, it's superb! I will recomend it to my friends so I believe you can expect further orders from Pula,Muchas gracias & regards.
rating Jambon bellota
Stephane C. on 06/08/2016 Produit exceptionnel qui fait le bonheur de toute la famille. Ma puce de 6ans se régale à chacune de nos dégustations. Produit à partager entre amis pour un bon moment de convivialité.
rating Excellent Service!
Emmanuel H. on 02/26/2017 I live in Asia and a big fan of Jamon Iberico. Everytime I am in Spain, I always make sure to bring home a whole leg. This time around, I am not traveling to Spain but to another EU country. And I am absolutely thrilled that they deliver to other EU countries. So all I had to do was buy online in advance and Jamonarium made sure that the jamon was delivered on the date I was to be on my destination. In fact, when I got to my hotel, the jamon was already waiting for me! Everything worked perfectly! I am now back in Asia and enjoying my Jamon Iberico Bellota de Salamanca with family and friends! My son is flying to Barcelona this April. So, expect another order from me for delivery to his hotel. Thank you Jamonarium!

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