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    Appearance Tender cured catalan sausage (Secallona): Medium size (3 cm diameter). Cutting reveals mosaic of reddish tones – Thick natural white mold growth on casing. Lightly marinated cured meat characterises this most popular product. Optimum curing and a touch of pepper creates a balanced, subtle flavour with a spongy texture.

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    Appearance: Finger thin, curved into a horseshoe shape with a firm texture. When cut it reveals a lively, bright red face. Early white mold growth on casing Although rich in spices, the long curing process produces a mild flavour Suggestions: Pairs well with Jerez wines, Cavas and young red wines for aperitifs – accompanied by baby grissini breadsticks.

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    The Fuet de Vic is a cured sausage, produced for centuries, the tradition of people like Vic(Catalonia) Sausage in natural casing, has a 20-day cure, mild flavor. Love the little ones in the house. You can not ever miss breakfast or snack.

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    Beef Cecina is the cured beef typical from León, this product has over 12 months healign time, and is exclusively made from the noble parts from cured beef. It has an intense flavor, a cherry color and a smoking touch. Is an increasingly widespread product in Europe because when tasted most repeat! It’s low-fat and high in protein. We recommend serving it...

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