Olives pâté Arbequina variety Mas Tarrès (110gr) Vergrößern

Olives pâté Arbequina variety Mas Tarrés (110gr)

The olives pâté Arbequina variety Mas Tarrés is characterized by crushing the black olives and mix it with extra virgin olive oil. The result is an excellent product to do Spanish ‘tapas’.

We recommend Arbequina olive pâté to spread on toasted bread, for dressing salads or sauce for pasta.

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Mas Tarrés Olive oil and olives DOP Siurana

ORIGIN AND HISTORY: Dating back to the early twentieth century, when they opened the first mill.

PREPARATION: 24 hours after harvesting the olives are crushed.


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Sebastian N. el día 24.08.2017 Sehr gutes Olivenpate. Schmeckt sehr gut auf getoastetem Brot.

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